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Ricwil has many contractual activities which include industrial process pipework for steam, oil and gas; steel fabrication of non-pressurised vessel; installation of boilers, chillers and compressors; hot and cold thermal insulation; sprayed polyurethane insulation for chilled water and ice storage tanks, roof and ceiling insulation; fireproofing for structured steel; surface coating for roof and wall protection, fire/corrosion encapsulation.

  • Industrial Process Pipework

    • Supply and installation work for the Compressed Air Piping, Nitrogen Gas Piping, Central Vacuum Piping, Solvent Piping and Process Cooling Piping.

  • Spray Polyurethane Insulation

    • Spray PU Foam to Underside of Slab Soffit and Beam
    • Spray PU Foam to Floor Slab beneath Computer Raised Floor
    • Insulation to cavity between two brick walls
    • Insulation to plaster ceiling and suspended ceiling within 24 hours areas for hospitals.

  • Hot and Cold Thermal Insulation

    • Thermal insulation to pipe and equipment for power plant, District Cooling Plant, Co-Generation Plant and Oil & Gas Industry.
    • Thermal insulation for steel and Concrete Storage Tank.
    • Hot Thermal insulation using Calcium Silicate, Rockwool and Perlite.
    • Cold thermal insulation using Polyurethane Foam, Phenolic Foam and Foam Glass.

  • Underground Piping System

    • Supply and installation of underground chilled water piping system.
    • Site insulation work for underground chilled piping system.

  • ACMV Service

    • Supply and installation of whole ACMV system.
    • Supply and installation of ductwork system.
    • Supply and installation of chilled water piping system.

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